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As a Group, we thrive on innovation, which is the key to our consistent market share results and achievements. Radical Trading Co. W.L.L’s operations are currently global and our standards are International. Our partners and competitors credit us with an impeccable reputation and with excellent public and private sector relationships. But from our perspective our most important affirmation comes from customer satisfaction across each of our Group’s business divisions.

The growth of any business largely depends on the ability to adapt to changing environments. Radical Trading Co. W.L.L. has done that by staying relevant to its customers through new products and service offerings and adding value to their lives, while staying anchored on our original values of innovation and enterprise.

In Kolkata, India we have expanded our horizon to YCK tannery. It is our endevour to provide world class leather products.

About Us

Radical Trading Co. W.L.L.

Radical Trading Co. W.L.L. is a company that believes in being Radically involved in the society to improve the standard of living with sustainable lifestyle products and business practices. Radical Trading Co. W.L.L. works dynamically to improve the standard of living by introducing brands and products to the market. Our aim is to provide world class products at reasonable rates.

Our unique business model permits us to supply Manpower, which caters to the recruitment problems of various industries. Backed by a huge database of laborers, we can efficiently direct sources towards the desired job. Our services are widely appreciated across the nation owing to their reliability, cost effectiveness and flexibility.

We are also offering excellent Housekeeping Service which are at par with international quality standards. Our housekeeping experts ensure that all the products used by us are sourced from reliable and reputed dealers. Also, we ensure that our services are environment friendly and as per the requirements set by our customers and to achieve the same we maintain a close proximity with our clients that lead to a mutual benefit.

YCK Tannery

YCK Tannery is a SBU of Radical Trading Co. W.L.L. established in 2007, in Kolkata’s Leather hub for the production of leather. Ever since its inception, it has made a place for itself in the leather sector in Kolkata. Being well equipped with latest technology and machines, it has a production capacity near about 2 million sq ft leather per month. YCK Tannery manufactures Leathers full chrome, semi chrome and vegetable tanned cow calf, cow and buffalo leathers for leather goods, garments, upholstery and linings. We therefore can assure the quality as well as the required quantity.

Please visit our Products and Services section to know more about the wide range of goods and services we offer to our customers.


Our Clients

Our achievement of sales growth and export sales growth leads to an increase in demand for our products and services. This is fundamental to job creation and maintenance of our company.

It is our endeavour to introduce and involve products and services that improve te standard of living. We reach out to the users with the help of our clients. We supply our products to retail stores and hypermarket in Qatar.

We understanding the need to hire trained Contract Laborers for various services and industries. This sets us apart from the rest in the industry

Our house keeping services includes Housekeeping Service, house cleaning services, office cleaning services, office housekeeping services with zeal to offer results that are flawless. We make use of modern gadgets and appliances for effectively cleaning every nook and corner and ascertain that scrubbing, mopping and sweeping is carried out on a daily basis at the premises in question.

YCK leather and YCK apparels are marke hypermarkets across the full market spectrum - from early-stage entrepreneurs, to established hyper markets. Some of our clients include:


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YCK Tannery

Zone- 1, Plot No. 65B,                                                      59A Tiljala Road.

Calcutta Leather Complex,                                             Calcutta- 700 046

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